Monday, December 30, 2013


Do you ever have days that just aggravate you? Then the day turns around an relaxes you, have another little blimp and then it is alright. Well today has been one of those days. I had a horrible night, that was my fault. I have not been eating healthy,  keeping track of my calories or exercising. Yesterday was a really bad of eating. I ate way to much junk food especially peanuts. I woke up in the middle of the night I woke up sick with horrible re-flux and indigestion. I also had upset stomach when I got up this morning. Oh well that is enough about my stomach and I am getting back on track.

I had a good time with my mother in law shopping today. I bought some stuff to make a Valentine wreath. I am excited about that. I also got four new ball ornaments that look frosty, and tulle to make a snowman with. I dread talking my christmas stuff down. I think I will do that Thursday.

Short little blog post.

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  1. Hey dear Vicki, I've had many of those days! I took down all the decorations too soon probably. But now I am glad it's over with. I'm happy to see a new year get here! Love you, Aunt Melba


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