Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Crafts

I love making Christmas crafts I would love to open a little Christmas shop. I went to a Christmas shop a few weeks ago called Frogtown Christmas Shop. I love looking at Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and especially handmade stuff!! This shop was like the ones at the beach, like the Christmas Mouse. I love going to the Hammock Shopping Village in Pawley's Island.

 I am so excited for Christmas and all of the memories that come along with it. I do have up and down days though getting sad thinking about the ones I miss.

I have been busy making some new ornaments and decorations. 
Terracotta pot snowman

Bark Christmas Star

Chalkboard countdown

This is suppose to be on owl

This is ugly owl

Breast Cancer Christmas Elf
My purchase from Frogtown

sock snowman and dog wood branches painted white

Snowman ornaments

Christmas Card Holder Wreath

I have several more things I want to make and I am excited about making. 
Until next time!


  1. Your Christmas things are so pretty. You make me want to craft! Isn't Frogtown near the Robbins crossroads? Seems like that was called Frogtown. I love how that shop looks. Shelby and I still want to get down there and we will call you. Love, Henny

    1. Yes Frogtown is at the Crossroads. The shop I posted is has the beach though. I did not take a picture of the frogtown shop.


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