Sunday, December 1, 2013

Aggravation ......

Who ever come up with don't sweat the small things need to convince me that this is possible. People who say trust and give everything to God needs to reassure me. I am really spilling my guts and heart today. I try to take my sons to Sunday school every Sunday. I have been doing this since I only had one and still trying. I have had fights, holding down, screaming, crying, getting mad, pulling pants down and taking shirts off. This is not an every Sunday occurrence but it happens to often. Like this morning Clay is happy patiently waiting in the car to go to Sunday School, waiting on mamaw to get her which I am thinking seriously on stopping because only Seth rides with her. Well as soon as we get ready to pull out of the driveway he gets mad. He breaks his earbuds (only the hundredth pair) no kidding (not a true accuracy). Well anyway he gets mad as soon as we walk in the door at church and pulls his pants down. He wants to go to the bathroom which I refuse to take him because he only misbehaves worse with me in the halls. Mamaw takes him and goes and gets him some books out of the library. Then there is coming into the house when we get home. Mad, biting his hand, fighting etc... Never really hurts anyone but it is aggravating. Clay is a great son and I love him dearly. I would never put him in a group home and I have never medicated him because I do believe that God helps me. I learned along time ago not to pray for patience anymore. I just pray to help me. They are your children I am just here to raise them on earth with your help. I have got to say though if anything can make you question your very existence it is Fragile X.

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  1. Oh Vicki, I am sure nobody knows but you, what it's like. You have been a patient, loving mother and done better than anyone else could have done You have done a good with your boys! .I love you so much. Aunt Melba


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