Monday, November 18, 2013

A warm day!

It has been a really warm day today. I got to enjoy being outdoors a little while today. I am getting excited about decorating for Christmas! Christmas and I have a love hate situation. I love Christmas, decorating the trees, getting and receiving gifts, and family. I hate Christmas because I miss my parents, my extended family and my brother and sister. Oh well that is not what I was going to blog about. I wanted to make a star to go on top of my tree today. I found this cool rustic star on pinterest so I decided to make it today.
 I Love it and I can not wait to get my Christmas tree up. I have and idea that I also saw on pinterest were you put your tree in a wash tub. I went out to Frank's grandma and borrowed one from her. I will take pictures of it once I get it up.

I also love to take pictures of things on the farm. One day I was going to work and I saw a cow in my in-laws pasture sitting like a dog. I thought something was wrong with it so I called Larry to tell him. He said that it was their bull Mac and he sits like this sometimes. So my mother in law Judy took this picture of him a few days later.
 Sunday morning when I was coming home from Sunday school I saw Mac out sitting close to the road. I just loved how he was sitting among the cows and in the fog. So I just had to take his picture. I just love the look on his face. I just find this hilarious  that he is probably around 1600 pounds and sits like a dog.
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  1. Vicki, first, I love that star you made!! You have always been good at decorating for Christmas. Be sure and post pictures. Those pictures of the bull are so cute. Looks like he is just sitting there thinking! Do you decorate right after Thanksgiving? The days go by so fast now, if you don't decorate early, seems like you don't have long enough to enjoy it! I love you. Henny

  2. I put up my tree tonight. I just have to decorate it now.


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