Thursday, October 17, 2013

spider webs

This morning on our morning walk I noticed a spider web on one of the fans on the chicken house. There is always spider webs at the chicken house all year round but this is the first time I had ever saw one on the fan. I took some pictures and it is kind of hard to see what I am talking about but maybe you can figure it out. The fan size is 36 inches and the spider web practically covered the whole fan.

The fan is running and making the web blow out. I could not see the spider but the web is beautiful! 
It would have been built during the day when the fan was off for the other fans (tunnel fans) were running. 


  1. Wow! that is cool! you gotta admire all that spider's hard work!

  2. How neat! It looks just like the fan! Wonder how big that spider is? Love, Henny

  3. I think it's cool that it's actually blowing out, but not breaking. That's some tough stuff!


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