Monday, October 21, 2013

I wants....

My Aunt Henny Penny inspired me to write this blog entry. She was sharing in her blog that she would love to have a miniature donkey. I would love to have more animals on my farm all we have are 3 cows and a bull.
Jimmy our bull!

We have 2 chicken houses with 40 thousand chickens in them. We had goats at one time but they kept getting their horns caught in the fence. We use to have a dog but we don't have a dog any more "Jack". 

Jack was a Jack Russell Terrier and he was the sweetest dog ever but he was a mess! One night he was on the back deck barking and we went out to tell him to hush. He did but the next morning he was missing. Frank hunted for him every where, but with no luck in finding him. We have no clue what happen to him, if someone took him, something got him, or any thing else. We have talked about getting another dog and I really want one but I am scared something might happen to him. We talked about getting an Blue Heeler.  

 This a a picture I found on the internet of a puppy. I read up on them and they love to herd, and are loyal to only one person and needs to be trained. Well we have lots of cows in our neighborhood and we don't need a dog out chasing neighbors cows and breaking their legs. I would love another house dog like my poodle "Tela" 
She was a teacup poodle. She was my baby for a long time and she got tick fever and the vet could not save her. Also Frank does not want another house dog and I don't know if I am up to house training another dog and I am not sure what Seth and Clay would think about having a house dog.   I want another dog but I just don't know when and if I am up to. 
My father in law bought himself a jenny donkey for his farm. She is sweet and a little shy. 

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  1. Oh Vicki, I love this post! Jimmy is the perfect name for that bull. He is beautiful! I hate that about "Jack". It takes a long time to get over losing a dog, especially when one disappears like that. Makes you wonder what was out there that he was barking at. Our last big chocolate Lab, "Chip" disappeared like that. He was asleep on the front porch Sunday night and Monday morning was gone. We searched for a year for Chip. I want another Lab. That donkey is cute as can be! Love you, Henny


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