Saturday, August 24, 2013

Vacation is over.....

Vacation is over and as usual it went by way to fast. Beach time is our families favorite time of the year. When Clay is on the beach he is like an entirely different child. The ocean soothes everything that can or is going on with Clay's fragile x. He loves the beach and he sits in the water for 3 to 5 hours a day. He loves the waves to crash and splash him. He watches to make sure if he needs to stand up or brace himself for a bigger wave. We had a great time and hate when it is time to come home. We did a lot this time. We rode up to Cherry Grove where we use to stay when the boys were little and before they tore down our favorite hotel "Cherry Grove Manor" to build a high-rise. We went to Barefoot landing and walk around and Bass Pro. We had lots of good food especially my favorite "River City Cafe" in Murrell's Inlet. They have the best cheeseburger in the world!! The owner and the help remember us from the past years and they make us feel very welcomed. We also enjoyed two evenings at Huntington Beach State Park. We set the camera up with the self timer and got some family pictures which I love!!

I also loved seeing the alligators, and all of the beautiful birds in the marsh. I almost got a picture of a pink spoonbill bird but just as I got the camera set up it flew off. It makes me want to take pictures of wildlife more than ever. I talked to several people who lived at the beach that come out a lot and take pictures of the wildlife. Two different days while sitting on the beach we saw a bald eagle fly over the beach. One of the times the eagle was fighting with a osprey. I wish I would have had my camera with me then but not that lucky. We also saw around 30 dolphins right beyond the swimmers in the ocean one day. They were beautiful I tried to get a picture of them but you could not see them in the photo. 
Seth also had a good time at the beach. His first day always plays on his anxiety but by bedtime he has regrouped and had a great time. He was talking about see a pretty girl on the beach when we got home. Frank was washing the car and Seth said "that girl just said "who is that good looking boy sitting beside Frank?" I play along with him and say " yeah wonder what his name is?" He sure is handsome!" He said " she just likes me don't she". I said "yes" she just wants your phone number but she was to scared to come and ask you." I just love that boy! We love to go to the lazy gator at Murrell's Inlet. We enjoyed sitting on the porch in the cool breeze in the rocking chairs. 
We have often talked about living at the beach but I am not sure we would fit in. My dream is to just stay there all summer and live at home the rest of the year. 

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  1. Dear Vicki,
    I enjoyed reading about your time at the beach!! I hate you had to come home too, it sounds like you all had such a good time!! It makes me want to go. Dan and I haven't been anywhere this year. I do want to see the beach next year...if the Lord lets me live. That is a good picture of you and Frankie and the boys. I love you Vicki.
    Aunt Melba


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