Monday, August 5, 2013


I have a lot on my mind and what I should do? I have been praying a lot and I know the answer but I  still worry. Some big changes are coming up for me and my family. It is going to take a lot of pulling together and tighten down the belt. I know in my heart that it is best for my children, me and Frank, but it also means that we will have a whole let less money. I think if we can just make it until the first of the year we will be okay I know that we can do it with Gods help. He has been providing and guiding my family for 24 years and he is not going to give up on us now. I have been canning every vegetable I can get my hands on. Here are a few pictures.

Green Beans

salsa, and squash relish

Spaghetti Sauce
I have also started an herb garden but the rabbits are trying to eat it up.

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  1. Oh Vicki, your canned vegetables look beautiful!!! What a good post! I love your herb garden! My post today is about my herb garden, except my herb garden looks pitiful! I have worked on it all morning. I ordered a roll of green rabbit fencing to go around it. That's the only way I can have anything! I have plain old chicken wire around almost everything in the yard. I wish we lived closer together. I think we have a lot in common. Whatever is troubling you today, just have faith that God will help you. Wouldn't it be sad if we didn't have God who sees and understands everything? I Love you Vicki.

    Aunt Melba


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