Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Today Frank and I starts the process to get guardianship of Clay. Clay will be turning 18 in November and because of his disability we have to get guardianship of him to make decisions for him. This is a very sad thing for me. I cried and was so sad for days when we got guardianship of Seth. It is so hard to look into a face of a 18 year old and see a handsome young man, with whiskers starting to grow on their faces, and voices changing. When other 18 years old children are seniors, or off to college, leaving home starting new beginnings in their lives. This is when reality slaps you in the face the hardest. We made big decisions this school year with Seth graduating, I quit work, and we decided to take Clay out of school. Frank and I knew that Clay could not handle school any longer and it was a big decision but I feel like Clay is happier.

Know we have got to figure out a schedule to keep us busy during the day when Frank is working in the chicken houses. I know I could clean out closets, and other things like that but that will only last a day or two.This is so new for us the boys have been in school since Seth was 3 years old and he will be 21 in ten days!! Oh well I need to get off here if anyone has any ideas to keep us busy let me know.


  1. Oh Vicki, you have done such a good job with Seth and Clay. Try not to worry about the days ahead and get through one day at a time. I feel like you and Clay will be happier at home too. There is just something about the comfort of home! I'm not smart enough to think of things to do but I am thinking!!!

    Aunt Melba

    1. Thank you, I have tried to do my best to do what is right for my sons! You are always thinking of something to do and I will come up with something. I am like you I hate it when it is so hot outside to do anything. I love making Christmas ornaments so I am looking forward to making them.


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