Friday, August 30, 2013

Evening ride...

I love our family evening rides on the mule and sometimes in the car or truck. This evening we ride in the mule to go and check on Pop's cows. I love going over to the pasture to see what kind of wildlife will will come upon. I try to take my camera so that I can get pictures but sometime I forget or the animals move to fast. One evening we saw a family of raccoon, 3 small ones and a mom. I did not have the camera that evening but Frank put his trail camera over there for a couple of days and he got pictures of them on his mineral block.

We went for a ride this evening and we saw the doe, and her two fawns in the field behind grandmas's house.

There is a pair of hawks that are living in the pasture beside our chicken houses I am hoping to get a picture of them soon. I will post as soon as I can get them.


  1. How neat! Ronnie got a really blurry pic of a buck in our backyard tonight. Isn't wildlife great?

  2. You know I will have the show your deer pictures to Dan! He was out last Tuesday putting up his camera. It's about that time again! We love all the wild animals too. Wish we had cows to check on, or horses!! I really want a miniature donkey..a baby one. Love you, Vicki


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