Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 51 going through the process

This really hit home because I know that there is some many more things that I could be doing that I don't. I always am saying I am going to do better, I am going to keep a food journal everyday, I am going to exercise not matter what and many other things. I have gotten where I can not even write in my blog everyday any more. I have written my nephew 2 letters that is in basics in the marines and I have not printed or mailed them yet. I have been going to send in Seth voters registration and I am going to do that today I finally do that after... I won't tell how long LOL! I guess one would said that I am a procrastinator and I am. I try not to put off what I need to do today until another day but I do it a lot. Yesterdays mini challenge was to write down 2 things that I should be doing and have not (the book says tempted not to do).
1. To exercise in some way for 30 mins: Well Monday I moved wood and stacked it and pulled weeds outside for about 2 hrs. On Tuesday I cleaned up the brush from the broken tree and stacked more wood for about 2hrs. Wednesday I went to the pool and I tried running back and forth in the water and some other water exercise all together off and on for about 30 mins. So maybe I did something...
2. Making healthy food choices all of the time. This is the one I really need to do. Every evening I want something sweet. I had a brownie yesterday, and then later I had a special dark candy bar and 4 squares of a mr. goodbar. I also ate baby carrots around 10:00 pm which would not have been bad but I had one chick-fil-la to deep them in. Oh well I have got to get off of here and get a shower I am going to get my hair cut today.

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