Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 45 What About the Children?

Today is about not feeling guilty of thinking about yourself to get healthy. I don't feel guilty about taking time for myself and I never have. I am with my children 24/7 365 days a year, even when they are at school I am there. I will always be with them because they have fragile x and will never be able to leave on their on. I love my boys and we do a lot together as a family. We do lots of hiking and I try hard to get the boys to eat healthy which is hard when one only wants to eat cream of chicken soup and the other chicken strips. I do manage to get them to eat vegetables sometimes. It is hard to keep them active and eating healthy since most of the time you try to keep peace and make them happy.

Well off of the topic of diet. Last night around 3:00 in the morning we were awoken by a loud house shaking crash. I jumped up out of bed and said oh no a tree has fell I hope it did not fall on anything. We found the flashlight and went out the front door to see what had happen. From the front we could not see anything. So we headed to the back door. Here we found a huge limb the size of a tree on the ground. It did not hit anything and break it thank God! Now we are looking at the cost of getting the tree cut so that it does not fall on anything. This is the second tree that we have lost to the dry and then really wet weather. Frank has been working hard trying to get the chicken house ready for chickens Friday. We took a ride and had a pity party this evening realizing that we need to stop trying to plan and follow my mom's advice of "Vicki Lee stop worrying about tomorrow lets just make it through today." I really dread going back to school/work because of all of the changes that are happening. The world is such a scary. I hate it that Clay loves the beach so much. He has just about drove himself nuts wanting to go back to the beach. Every little bit he is begging "Beachhh, Beaccchhh" I wish we could live at the beach and be happy but he would eventually get tired of it.

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