Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 43 Time Management

This one really hits home. I can not even begin to remember how many times I have said I don't have time to do something. We all have 24 hours of time a day. So the amount of time is not the issue it is the way we use our time. It said to ask yourself these questions: How are you spending the 24 hours of each day that God has given you. Think about how many hours you spend watching tv, surfing the web, shopping, reading, or talking on the phone? Now think about when a friend calls you and invites you to do something fun like going to the beach for the weekend? Just think about how quick you can be ready to go. The tip of the day that I am just know reading I will have to do it tomorrow. That is keeping track of what you do all day.I will do this tomorrow.

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