Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 34 What's your Strategy?

"The thoughts you think and the beliefs you have will determine the directions in your life is headed." This is from the book of the ninety day challenge.
1. Imagine: imagine what your life will be like when you reach your goals What will you look like? What will it feel like to buy clothes in a smaller size? What will it feel like to be able to run a race? Imagine with the confidence that those things will come pass.
2. Tell yourself it's your idea. Tell yourself all the time that you love to exercise, you love eating healthy, you love, that you love doing what ever it takes to get healthy. If you tell yourself these things long enought you will really start liking to do them.
3. Watch your mouth. Beware of the negative that comes out of your mouth. This is very hard for me. The more I try to be positive the more things seem to go wrong. Sometimes I thing I am doomed!!
4. Remember your blessings. So many people are less fortunate that you are. I believe in this and I try to live by it but as I say in number 3 I have a hard time with it. I am really good at having a good pity party.
examples: a few days of crappy days leads to depressed woman!!
I know that there are more people in this world are a lot worse off than me. like the people that were fighting for their lives in the movie theater. People who are sick, people who have lost their arm, legs or ability to move. There are people who are homeless, have no food, or water. I know that I am truly blessed but.... I always have a but. I am human and I am sad, and I feel all alone sometimes and I .... just need to feel sorry for myself. The mini-challenge is to try to reverse this mind change. I need to really work on this and get my life in a better place. I am not sure how to go about this but I am going to pray and try to work it out. Maybe  I need to try what a blogger friend of mine is going to do. Write letters to God and change my attitude and try to find the good in everything. How do you do this???? 

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