Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 26 I am an Athlete

I have never really played a sports I never had the confidence or felt like I had the ability to run or throw from. I like to play for fun now but I still would never be on a real team because of age, size, and time. The challenge wants me to think about something that I am driven at. Well the only thing that has always driven me is being an advocate for my sons. I have fought for my sons education and needs every since they entered the school system. Now that they are older I do not worry about it like I use to because they are at an age that we can leave the school system and not look back. Well the challenge wanted me to think of things that would motivate me but I am in a place that I don't quite recognize anymore. I titter on the each of giving up and not caring anymore. This is not just in the diet part of my life but all aspects of my life. I have got to try to get out of the funk. We will see. 

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