Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 8 Exposing yourself

Oh boy just what I wanted to read this morning exposing my self.... I wants me to weight and take a before picture in a bathing suit like they do on the biggest loser. I am not sure that I am up to this I have been private and I don't really know if I want a picture of myself on my blog in a bathing suit or a sports bra and shorts. I guess if I really think about it. I am fat with clothes on or off it is just prettier not to see dimply fat!!! I have been trying to lose weight every since June 11th and I have only lost 2 .2 lbs. I know that I have days that I have not ate like really healthy everyday, but I have done so much better. I hate this new older body me. I think about my mom when she was my age she could still lose weight at a reasonable rate. I know they say losing weight at a slow rate is better but a pound a week is not to much to ask, is it? I am going to write down everything I eat for one week and see if I can find out the problem. I am also going to do my exercise without excuses. Alright I am going to go take a picture of my self and if it is worse than the picture I have already posted I am not sure if it will get posted. Going to exercise to!! 

OMG did I just do this!!! This is really exposing more than I or probably anyone else wanted to see this morning.

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