Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 3 lose the guilt

A side view on June 21,  2012
Front view on June 21, 2012
Today is about taking time for yourself and not feeling guilty about it. This is really hard to do sometimes but I try to take time at home for myself by exercising, washing my face and soaking my feet. Being a mom of sons that have Fragile X syndrome things can get nerve racking sometimes and makes you want to have lots of alone time. I am usually with them all day long everyday. Even during school time since I work in their classroom as a teacher assistant. I enjoy being with them and watching them learn and growing in the world to become accepted and liked. I had a really proud moment this year right before school got out for the summer with my oldest son Seth won the Mustang Way award, the first time it was ever given and it was for his outgoing personality. Getting back to making time for myself... The challenge wants me to mark out 4 days to exercise. I have been trying to exercise some way every day since school got out for summer break. I have been trying to the 30 day shred, walk outside, work in my flower garden and walking on my treadmill. But here again I have days I do not want to exercise. Like yesterday for instant, I never could make my self get up and exercise. I sit outside in the sun and got so hot, and I made myself really aggravated because I was making myself bored. I kept thinking about even if I lost 30 lbs this summer I will still weigh 200 lbs. how sad is that, but I would be 30 lbs lighter. I will never give up. 

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