Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beginning of Summer

Well today is the start of my summer break. I am so ready but now is crunch time to get off some of this weight I have put on along with Seth. I don't want are health to go to crap. I have a lot of emotions this summer break. Last summer break the teacher in the classroom retired in February and we were without a teacher the rest of the summer. School started back with a new teacher that was a nightmare. She ended up quitting in December and did not come back after Christmas break. The best part of all of this we had a great substitute Mrs. Scotton. This is lady is absolutely God sent. She, I and Mr. Cheek have had some really great times in the classroom.  Now we are at summer break again and Mr. Cheek is retiring . He has been working with my boys for 6 years and with me for the past 2 yrs. I am going to miss him dearly. A lot has happen this school year from all of us gaining weight because we do eat to much! LOL!! We got a new student that we absolutely love. He is so wonderful! Seth received the very 1st Mustang Way Award and made me one proud mother. Mr. Absher announced that he is retiring which is sad he has been with me at North Moore since I started working there and with Seth. I have mixed emotions on not letting Seth graduate with his class but now I am glad since he got this award. Oh well graduation was last night and it was bitter sweet because of the fact that Mr. Absher was the class speaker and this made it even more special. Oh well. I better stop typing and get up and clean my nasty house I might come back and write more later. I have so much more to say.

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