Friday, August 12, 2011

Kind of Slack on blogging....

I had all intention on blogging everyday or at least every other day. I have been lazy at blogging I always have so much to say but I am not sure of how many people I want reading it. I have been having lots of mixed feelings about a lot of different life things. I have really been getting aggravated with Clay and his FX. Some days he really pushes me over the each. I wish that I had respite or someone who would give me a break at least twice a month. Is that really asking for to much?? I am also guilty of questioning things that should not really be questioned. I believe it all to be true, but I have so many doubts and question of things I will probably will not find out the answer until it is my time. I have been doing the 30 day shred and trying to do better on my eating to get healthy once again. I am so tired and heavy and I am not comfortable with myself. Losing weight can be so disappointing especially if you gain when you have been doing good. Like this morning I was up 3 pounds. Where did that come from, and what did I do eat a ham biscuit from Hardee's .Oh well I am so sleepy I can barley hold my eyes open. I was going to tell about all of the funny things or the bad things that the boys and fragile x brought to me all summer. Clay has been talking more, he has been sneaking food into his room more and more. He has gotten were he loves Play with me sesame. He has gotten his jar back out and fixing ice water. He has broke the lock on the back door, he has broke 2 or 3 pairs of headphones. He has tore up books, and movies and dvd and he hardly ever watches tv in his room anymore. He has been staying up late but he does not really sleep that late. He has begged to go to the beach. I took him to see Winnie the Pooh movie, we went swimming with Joan, Laura, Ashley, and he loved it. He has showed me stuff on the computer that he wants, to have or to print. Seth has been a true teenager all summer. I have heard him cuss, feel bad because no girls will call him. He just needs a girl really bad. He has stopped eating chicken nuggets at home. I worry about making the right decisions for him. I just want him to be happy. His birthday is coming up and I wish I really knew what he wanted that I could really get him. Oh well. I love these boys with all of my heart and I will never stop. 

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