Saturday, July 30, 2011


I read the 90 day challenge and for the 1st day you are suppose to write down your dreams. Don't get me wrong I have had dreams and I still do occasionally but I do often wonder if dreams are just dreams. I try to keep that positive upbeat attitude that tells me that anything is possible if you believe and don't give up hope. I think that this is true but then again it still depends on if God thinks that it is good for you. I know that I am not the best christian but I do know that I pray, I believe that God sent Jesus to die for our sins, but I don't think they he takes time to listen to every thing everyone has to say. Well back to dreams. What are my dreams. Let me think..... I dream that I can lose weight and get healthy so that when I do get older I will not hate it as bad as I hate the thought of being old. I would like to met this goal before I am 45 which will be next April. I dream that I will complete my teaching degree and be able to help my children and other children (or should I say young adults ). I dream of having a connection with my family again that one day we will be happy and talk and visit one another. I have dream but I am realistic and know that they will not all come true.

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